Aftermarket Services

Aftermarket Services

Triplex Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (TET) has a stand-alone service department in order to meet critical demand from site. The department provides 24/7 site service program as almost all REXA applications take the role of the key loops in the plants.

The headquarter of TET is in the southern port city, Kaohsiung, in Taiwan. To meet the increasing site demand and further improve the service quality, a Service Branch is established in DaCheng County near MaiLiao in 2016, enabling country-wide coverage.

In addition, in order to ensure that the service quality provided by the Service Branch as same as REXA factory, the branch obtained the certification of authorization from REXA in 2016. TET became the only REXA Authorized Service Center in Asia with continuous efforts.

The REXA Authorized Service Center provides a comprehensive range of service options:

• Product installation, commissioning and test
• REXA actuator -Regular inspection and preventative maintenance
• Dynamic Step Change Test Unit for REXA Electraulic Actuator performance test
• Field service in line with users’ on-site outage schedule
• Product education and training courses
• Demonstration of products
• Emergency abnormal repair service / troubleshooting
• 24/7 technical support line

  • REXA Authorized Service Center Certificate
  • Dacheng Branch & REXA ASC
  • Demo Exhibition
  • Workshop
  • Dynamic Step Change Test Unit
  • Training Course