Product Features

The REXA Xpac Electraulic™ Actuator is a self-contained unit with patented modulized Flow Match Valves (FMV’s). It integrates the various components in the traditional hydraulic system into mechanicals/ electricals / hydraulic modulizations.
The REXA Xpac Electraulic™ Actuator has the advantages of traditional hydraulic system without the complicated needs for maintenance. It provides high reliability with low maintenance need. It’s mostly used for critical control applications, valves and dampers in harsh environments. The REXA Xpac Electraulic™ Actuator is the solution to stabilize production, reduce trip of unit and optimize production.

The Xpac is comprised of the mechanical subassembly and the electrical subassembly (see Figure 1~3).

How it works :
The microprocessor converts the incoming control signal into a target position and compares it to the current position measured by the feedback sensor. If the target position and current position deviation exceeds the user-programmed deadband, the microprocessor will initiate motion to adjust actuator position. A bi-directional gear pump, driven by an electric motor, generates the hydraulic output necessary to move the actuator. System oil travels from the pump through a series of pilot operated check valves, known as the Flow Matching Valves (FMV’s). The FMV’s manage oil transfer out of one side of the cylinder and into the other. This drives the actuator to the target position. Once the target position is reached the motor and pump stop, and the FMV’s close, hydraulically locking the cylinder in place. The motor will only turn on again if the signal deviation exceeds the deadband and a position change is required (see Figure 4).

  • Figure 1. Mechanical Assembly - L Series
  • Figure 1. Mechanical Assembly - R Series
  • Figure 1. Mechanical Assembly - D Series
  • Figure 2. Electrical Assembly
  • Figure 3. Structure
  • Figure 4. Hydraulic Schematic


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