Easi-Drive Portable Valve Actuator

Easi-Drive Portable Valve Actuator:
1. Fully portable (small and light), reversible.
2. Maximum torque up to 950Nm
3. Suitable for use in all Hazardous Areas.
4. Suitable for driving various manually/handwheel operated valves.
5. Eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces the risk of injury.
6. Low cost alternative to permanent dedicated actuators.
7. Reduces work crew tasks to one-man operation, can manage banks of valves with a single drive tool.
8. Ideal for moving tight or partially-seized valves , valves that have hundreds of handwheel turns to open/close
9. It also can incorporate with Flexi-Drive Remote Operator to fix issues of valves with low cost.

Easi-drive demo video

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