Furnace Improvement Service (FIS)

Furnace Improvements Services (FIS) has been providing value-added solutions for Fired heaters, Boilers, and Waste Heat Recovery Units to end-users around the world for over 23 years. We focus on improving the performance of existing fired heaters. We have also helped our clients with reliability, combustion, flow distribution, and safety issues. We have handled more than 400 engineering studies and projects around the world.

Professional repair and retrofit for heating furnaces.

With 20 years of experience in retrofit and repair of more than 400 refinery heating furnaces across the United States, FIS provides customers with solutions to problems such as partial burning, local high temperature in convection zone, tube breakage, leakage, increased thermal efficiency, expanded capacity, etc. Once FIS takes the projects, the warranty is guaranteed for 10 years.

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