SFC Interlocks

When & Where to Use SFC Interlock systems:
1. Safety critical applications such as Double Safety Valve System, Pig Traps.
2. In case of human errors, applications that may cause injury or death to personnel, damage of equipment or halt of production such as Catalyst regeneration system, pump start-up system, linear or non-linear sequence control unit.
3. Protected area for safety arrangement such as CO2 Fire Deluge System.
4. Replace historical Permit to Work (PtW) system which is accompanied by lengthy documented instructions.

Introduction of SFC Interlocks:
a. QL Valve Interlock
QL Valve Interlocks suit all types of lever-operated quarter-turn valves - including Ball, Butterfly and Plug valves.
Installing the interlock on the host valve is a simple procedure and requires no modification or hot-work to the host equipment as the anchor and adaptors are custom-machined to suit the valve.

b. GL Valve Interlock
GL Valve Interlocks suit all types of handwheel operated valves - including Gate, Globe and Gear-operated valves.
Installing the interlock on the host valve is a simple procedure. Requiring no modification or hotwork to the host equipment, the anchor and adaptors are custom machined items. may be supplied when precise valve topworks data is not available.

c. SFC Key Cabinet:
1. Effective and efficient key management system.
2. “Visual/Color Alert”, convenient for operator.
3. Total integrity by using dedicated key locations.
4. Complete key status awareness.

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